So it finally happened! I wasn’t expecting an increase in premium due to AIA being profitable but to move with the times and match AXA Shield’s 365-days Post-hospitalisation benefit, AIA had to increase premium for HealthShield Gold Max A to enhance the benefits.

The Max A plan isn’t the only changes AIA made. Find out more here!



4 thoughts on “AIA Increases Premium and Benefits to HealthShield Gold Max

  1. Hi Eric

    Currently my dad has Max C plan, I wonder if it is advisable to switch to B lite?

    My agent said it is not advisable as Max C can stay in A ward and B lite can only stay in B1.

    Appreciate your reply.




    1. Hey CX, this is a great question.

      It’s a matter of expectation really. Does your dad want to stay at a single-bedded room? If yes, stick to Max C.
      * Note that both Max C & B-Lite have a Pro-ration factor of 50% for hospital charges at Private Hospital. And Max B-Lite has Pro-ration factor of 80% for Public hospital A-ward.

      Max C will also stay cashless with premium coming out from MediSave after age 80. With Max B-Lite, you’d have to fork out cash at age 74 next birthday.

      So what are the advantages of going B-Lite? Well, you’re future-proofing if you want to move your dad to B-Lite. There are caps for Room & Board/ICU and surgical implants for Max C while Max B-Lite is “as charged”.
      I had a client who have to implant a pacemaker when she was 70+. That pacemaker cost $18,000. The Max C limit for surgical implant is $7000, so she had to come out $9,000 cash for it. The $700 Room & Board limit may be high compared to NUH $420+ now, but how about 10-20 years later?

      If your dad don’t mind a 4-bedded and you’re financially prepared to pay the extra premium in cash, upgrade to B-Lite while your dad is still healthy.


      1. Thanks for sharing, Eric.

        I was not aware of the cash portion part. When I ask my agent, he said the premium for the essential part is the same and I wasn’t able to find the cost beyond age 75(not in brochure). Is it available online?

        It would be great if you could share the comparison and cost between Max C and B lite.



      2. Hi CX, you can ask your agent for the product summary which has the breakdown up to age 100. I will update the article eventually but no one has asked about it so I have not done a comparison in premium.


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