Nokia Camera app version 4.2

Note: The Lumia 1020 was launched with the Nokia Pro Cam version 1.6 app that was subsequently replaced with the Nokia Camera app version 4.2 in Oct 2013.

The Nokia Camera app is a serious piece of engineering! Did you know it has a built-in tutorial? You should go through it if you don’t have my article handy.

The GUI of the app is arranged like dials which is pretty cool but is arguably not as functional as vertical sliders, but it works & that’s what’s important.

The 6 most important things you need to learn in navigating the app are;

  1. Tapping on the Top-Menu changes the shooting mode between ‘auto’, ‘night’ & ‘sports’ modes. Additionally, tapping the right arrow opens the ‘advanced’ mode, which activates Single setting for quick selection when shooting
  2. Dragging the onscreen Shoot button to the left activates All Setting to set up a shot prior to shooting
  3. Pressing the Back button closes the setting(s)
  4. You can Touch the screen to Focus or Half-press the camera button to Pre-focus
  5. If you use Touch Focus, half-pressing the camera button has no effect. Just press all the way to shoot.
  6. To zoom in, swipe Up. Zoom out, swipe down.

Remembering these points is important in quickly taking the shot especially if your first shot didn’t turn out right & you need to change a setting for the second shot if possible.

Alright, try playing with the interface & get familiar with it. Once you are familiar, it’s time to move on to the first important setting.

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