I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading & playing with your Lumia 1020. I’ve certainly enjoyed all the time researching & writing this article, and even putting forth some hard-core scientific theories related to Quantum Mechanics. After all, photons & electrons are sub-atomic particles governed not by General Relativity or Newtonian Gravity but by the weird & wild world of Quantum Physics. (It’s ok if you don’t understand the underlying mechanism, just ensure you know their effects & how to deal with them.)

Learning these photographic skills allow you to handle any sort of cameras in the future including DSLR & even old-school analogue Film photography! The theories & concepts of light, lens & sensor are the same.

What’s different & what’s special is the perspective of the photographer, YOU!

Mastering these technical skills will give you the room to express your view of the world creatively and with confidence. It may even change your perception of the world you live in, as you capture special moments in your life & relive them in the future with loved ones or alone.

Being able to shoot fast & accurately also allows you to enjoy your time more, especially if you’re on vacation.

Instead of lugging around a huge camera bag with many lenses, multiple batteries & many memory cards, not to mention that heavy DSLR burdening your neck & shoulder, all you REALLY need is the Lumia 1020!

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