Burst mode (Smart Cam)

Nokia promised to incorporate Smart Cam’s burst mode shooting into Nokia Cam & they did it spectacularly!

Unlike the Smart Cam app, which forces you to take 1 series of photo & stop to select which mode to implement, Nokia Camera’s Burst mode adopts a shoot first, choose later approach, which makes more sense in a photography workflow because that’s how people really take photos.

After you’ve finished shooting, you can review the photos & select which mode best reflect the mood or intention of the shot.

For example, when shooting a group photo, there’re bound to be people who blink or yawn or look away, ruining the shot. With the Best Shot or Change Faces function, you can correct these blemishes to an otherwise perfect group shot!

The Action function allow you to convey motion in a photo.

The Remove Moving Object function can remove photo bombs.

And finally the Motion Focus function freezes your subject while moving the background, giving the viewer a sense of speed.

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