2015 – Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

As the year 2016 approaches, I look back at my year as a Father, a Financial advisor and Blogger.

As a full time Financial Advisor, my main concern is taking care of my clients. 2015 has been a rather average year in terms of production, mainly because a large bulk of my time has been used to solve many teething issues caused by AIA’s upgrading of backend systems.

I’m grateful to you, my clients and friends, for bearing with the lag while I process your requests and claims. Thank you!

And also, I have to thank AIA Claims Department for being very supportive, and for promptly processing all of my clients’ claims despite some system issues.

These upgrades allows advisors such as myself to have an Integrated Point-of-Sales (iPOS) + Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform that is mostly offline. This improves the customer experience because data can be accessed quickly and is consolidated in an easy to understand manner.

The new platform enhances the current experience where most requests (including client signature) can already be made via iPOS and uploaded to AIA for processing immediately.

Moving into 2016, we are looking forward to the new CRM system which will really improve the professionalism of our advisors while reducing our workload. Currently, Policy Reviews and Financial Planning is done by hand with Financial calculators and Excel Spreadsheets. The new CRM will consolidate client’s current portfolio and highlight any shortfall or surplus during review.

As a Financial Advisor and Tech Blogger, I’m personally VERY EXCITED about this new iPOS+CRM system.

As a blogger, year 2015 saw the biggest increase in viewership since I started blogging in Oct 2011. As of now, I have more than 44000 views for 2015, a more than 100% increase from 2014. I’m quite happy with the result so far. Your most popular blog-post is “How to Cheaply convert an Air-con into an Air Purifier”, with more than 13000 views! My posts on MediShield Life also received huge viewership numbers!

Thank you so much for repeat visitors who come back regularly to see if I have added anything new and of course, those of you who explored the content of my blog! You can always subscribe to my blog by clicking on the Follow Button Follow button! I promise NO SPAM!

Moving forward, I will try to post more blogs (time permitting) about saving money by having an alternate use for common items. And of course, since I’m having positive responds for my insurance related posts, I’d post more of those so you can benefit from experiences shared by the beneficiaries.

As a father, the year has been great! My kids are older and more responsible, and they are surprising my wife & myself with their independence and understanding of their surroundings.

And obviously, I have to thank my wife for taking care & educating our kids. I can’t do the good cop / bad cop routine without her! LOL…

For car nuts, I got new shoes for my car! Pilot Sports 3. I’ve also changed the leaking power-steering pump and topped-up the air-con gas. The air-con is super cold now without changing the whole air-con compressor. Now I just need to find a mechanic to repair the leaky connector since the compressor itself is not spoilt, despite what 4 mechanics have told me! Good thing I used to be an engineer! 🙂

Here’s to 2016!


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