Is the Haze problem finally over?

Update 23/06/2013 1120am

I’ve updated the article with updated satellite & wind direction.

Is the Haze problem finally over?

The haze problem started around 18/06/2013 & reached a peak of PSI 401 at on Fri 21/06/2013. As for 11am today, the sky look fantastically clear & visibility was >2km. After days of shroud, I can finally see Punggol & Sengkang!

View outside my windows at 4pm. Good visibility with some dust in the air.
View outside my windows at 4pm. Good visibility with some dust in the air.
PSI PM10 reading has been steadily dropping.
PSI PM10 reading has been steadily dropping.

So is this the end of the haze? Let’s look at the satellite images.

We’re currently in a pocket of less dense haze so if the wind shift south like on Friday, we’ll be in trouble again.

Strangely, the key factor seems to be the huge reduction of hotspots from 600+ to 100+ this morning. Is it rain? There are some clouds but I’m not sure they brought rain. The good news is the wind has changed direction and is blowing north.

Haze Map
The wind is currently Northerly, pushing the haze to Malacca. Hopefully, the system accelerate to bring in more moisture and… Rain!

The reason may just be the Indonesians are putting out the fires themselves. If that’s the case, regional government pressure may be working despite the trash talking from some Indonesian ministers.

Will the haze stay away? As long as there are no new hotspots and efforts to put out the fires continue, I guess we can say the worst is over. However, that doesn’t mean the haze will be over because the peat will still smoke for a while after the fire is put out.

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Worst Haze in Singapore so far…

Update: PSI at Friday 21/06/2013 1PM is 401!!!

It’s foggier than this image suggest…
NEA PSI webpage, the most watched webpage in Singapore today?

Wow! As of 3PM Singapore time 19/06/2013, the 3-hour PSI reading (based on PM10 particle size) is 172. This is the highest I’ve ever seen in Singapore. Only time I’ve seen worse was in Beijing with PSI equivalent at 300+ with visibility down to <10m. As you can see, the visibility now is still over 1km but RSAF didn’t fly today AFAIK.

Check out this shot outside my window.

This is a crop from Singapore Met services’ NOAA-18 satellite taken at 8am this morning. Malacca is worst hit from the looks of this image.

Satellite image cropped from
Yellow area denotes haze

Based on the wind direction, the situation is not expected to improve much over the next few days unless a major downpour put out the fires in Sumatra, like in 1995, where brave Malaysian fire fighters battled futilely to put out the pith fires and are ultimately saved by a massive storm system.

ASMC Haze Map from
ASMC Haze Map from

Stay indoors with air-con on. If need be, buy some 3M air-con filters from DIY shops & install behind the normal air-con filters. The charcoal ones will even cut the burnt smell. Drink LOTS of fluid & see a doctor if you have allergic reaction!

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